Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Headed back home....

Leaving Kathmandu....

Departed Kathmandu for Bangkok at about 1pm. The airport at Kathmandu leaves a bit to be desired. It is pretty crowded and without many services. But, the plane left on time, so I guess I cannot complain too much.

The flight to Bangkok with without incident. I spent the night in Bangkok at the NovoTel near the airport. This hotel is a bit expensive. but, quite nice and very near the airport. No complaints.

The flight from Bangkok to Tokyo to Minneapolis to Indianapolis was long and long. And, it was teh same movies that I saw on the flight over....yikes. Again, not complaints.

One nice feature is that the Tokyo-Minneapolis flight is that this flight is the first (or nearly the first) international flight into MSP. So, when I walked into the passport control area there was many agents and few travelers. I was 2nd in line. It was a great experience.

I'll post pictures soon....glad to be home.

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Julie said...

Welcome back Jim!